IV Therapy has long been known as an effective element of treatment and prevention for those who are at risk of contracting cancer, are currently being treated with chemotherapy or are presently in remission from a strain of cancer. Intravenous therapy provides the body with a direct influx of vital nutrients that help cells recover, fight illness and battle harmful materials and processes like free radicals and cellular oxidation. These silent killers significantly increase the likelihood that your body will contract some sort of disease.

By working with other treatments in order to battle, prevent or keep away cancer that’s gone into remission, intravenous therapy uses vitamins and minerals to increase the likelihood of clear health and a cancer-free life. While IV Therapy cannot provide a cure, it has been shown to decrease chances of instances of cancer and increase the likelihood that cancer that’s gone into remission will stay there.

The Growing Blight of Cancer

Unfortunately, instances of cancer in patients all over the world have increased at an alarming rate over the last thirty years. In fact, cancer cases have nearly tripled to the point that within the next three decades, many studies indicate that it is likely nearly one in every three people will contract a form of cancer at some point in their lifetime. There are many potential causes for this increase in cases of cancer, but scientists and extensive research studies point to a few primary culprits that may be causing this epidemic.

One of these is the increased use of heavy metals in products with which we come in contact. These can introduce toxins into the body that lead to cancer. Additionally, chemicals in products and pesticides like DDT are another culprit for increased cancer risk. Radiation exposure and exposure to viruses can also lead to increased risk of cancer. While governments and organizations strive to lessen the use of these harmful chemicals and materials, many of them are also passed down from mother to child during pregnancy.

The question that must now be asked is this: what can we really do to protect ourselves against this increased risk of daily exposure to factors that lead to cancer?

The Protection of IV Therapy

IV Therapy uses vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are tailored and customized to your unique body in order to fight off cancer-causing toxins and other materials, building your immune system’s strength and fighting free radicals. The following is a list of some of the additional benefits IV Therapy can bring to the body in order to fight off serious illnesses like cancer.

Eradication of Free Radicals

What exactly are free radicals? They’re toxins within the body that come from environmental factors like pesticides, harmful chemicals in the air, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and other factors. Because of the molecular structure of these materials, they are highly reactive to the chemical compounds within our body.

This means that free radicals can cause a whole host of problems for the body, including binding to healthy cells to transform them into unhealthy, malfunctioning cells that attack the body. IV Therapy can provide nutrients to flush out free radicals by attaching to their molecules and removing them from the body.


Even over the course of normal, healthy living, toxins can build up in the body without our control. IV Therapy can help remove those toxins in the same way it removes free radicals: by attaching to them and flushing them out, keeping your bloodstream and cells free from toxic and dangerous compounds.

Collaboration with Additional Treatments

While IV Therapy alone may not be a full solution to chronic illnesses and cancer, it can be used in combination with other treatments and doctor-prescribed therapies in order to create a powerful regimen that can bring real results.

Doctors are always looking for the most effective combination of therapies to make a positive impact, and the benefits of IV Therapy as a part of this process come from the fact that it can be customized and completely tailored to each individual patient in a way that suits their body and their unique needs.

If you’d like to find out more about the power of IV Therapy as an element of cancer prevention and treatment, contact a Miami IV Therapy Specialist from our directory today to learn more. Our Miami Florida IV Therapy Specialists provide compassionate care for cancer treatment and prevention.

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