IV EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid) Chelation Therapy is a highly advanced and proven-effective method of cleansing your blood of toxins and unhealthy nutrients, as well as improving your overall health. It can provide a huge range of benefits to your well-being, all using a simple process designed to deliver highly effective nutrients, vitamins and minerals directly where they’re needed most.

Why Chelation Therapy?

All over the world, doctors, practitioners, and specialists of all kinds are recommending IV Chelation Therapy to patients due to its proven track record of helping to detoxify the blood and body and remove heavy metals from the bloodstream. It’s a quick, easy and powerful way to instantaneously improve your overall well-being and health in addition to being an effective way to help alleviate certain symptoms and side-effects as well as protect against certain health issues.

Your blood, veins and arteries are the life-giving network that provides your body with the materials, fuel and protection it needs in order to function properly. Unfortunately, your blood is also often the delivery system for health problems when veins and arteries aren’t operating at peak effectiveness and health.

Toxins like heavy metals and issues like cholesterol can cause heart disease, artery clogging and hardened arteries, as well as plenty of other major health issues that can sometimes be life-threatening. IV Chelation Therapy is a modern medical treatment that’s designed to remove heavy metals from your bloodstream and perform an all-around detoxification of your blood for the sake of your short-term and long-term health.

In addition to improving and preventing a wide range of health issues, IV Chelation Therapy is also often used to help minimize and alleviate side-effects that result from chemotherapy treatment in many patients.

Over 500 independent, respected research studies have been conducted in order to judge the effectiveness of Chelation Therapy, and these unique studies all confirm that Chelation Therapy is a safe, effective and even recommended method of reversing or treating the health concerns and issues listed above.

The Dangerous Effects of Metal in the Blood

Potentially dangerous yet common metals such lead, aluminum, cadmium, copper, and especially mercury can have a devastatingly negative impact on our health. And in today’s world, we are frequently in close proximity to and contact with metals like these.

Take mercury, for example. High levels of exposure to mercury can cause significant harm to just about every major organ and system, including the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and immune system. There are a wide range of ways that mercury can enter the bloodstream—it can come through the food we eat (particularly seafood), the fluids we drink, and even things like fillings and metal medical tools. Mercury poisoning is even more dangerous in young people and children, in which it can impair the brain’s abilities to develop properly and form new knowledge.

Lead is another highly dangerous metal, one that research has shown is not safe for exposure to humans in any dose whatsoever. Lead can accumulate in our bones and teeth, eventually leading to issues like high blood pressure, kidney failure, liver failure and brain damage.

Lead is of particular concern for anyone who is pregnant or plans on becoming pregnant, as it can be transferred to the fetus through the blood. This can lead to traumatic natal experiences like miscarriage or failure in the fetus to develop healthily and normally.

The Power of IV Chelation Therapy

Using an intravenous (IV) solution, IV Chelation Therapy delivers vital nutrients to the body that catalyze the detoxification process. The primary ingredient in IV Chelation Therapy is ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, or EDTA. After the EDTA is delivered directly into the bloodstream, it then binds itself to any heavy metals that are present within the bloodstream and body. Then, the EDTA pulls these heavy metals along as its flushed out through urination, removing the harmful toxins from your body.

This has proven to be a dramatically effective detoxification method for a wide range of harmful materials within the bloodstream—and the benefits are not only for removing metals. Here are some of the additional benefits of IV Chelation Therapy for both short-term and long-term health.

Boosting Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the body’s natural fighters against free radicals and other cell damaging materials. IV Chelation Therapy helps your body’s antioxidants to battle heavy metals and free radicals in the bloodstream, improving your health and protecting your cells from damage.

Improving Cholesterol

IV or EDTA Chelation Therapy decreases the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body, while boosting what’s known as “good cholesterol” (HDL) in order to keep your body functioning at peak performance without buildup of harmful cholesterol.

Empowering Memory

IV Therapy has been shown to improve patients’ memory by removing harmful toxins that flow into and out of the brain, improving overall mental acuity and keeping your brain in tip-top shape.

Minimizing Effects of Aging

As the body ages, it becomes less able to properly process certain nutrients that keep the body running smoothly. IV Chelation Therapy can be customized to not only remove harmful materials, but also deliver critical nutrients directly to the blood, reversing or slowing down some of the effects of aging.

Minimizing Chemotherapy Side-Effects

Chemotherapy is extremely hard on the body, and IV Chelation Therapy can be an excellent tool during the recovery process after receiving chemotherapy. It helps to remove some of the harmful toxins leftover after chemo and assist your body as it returns to normal.

These are just some of the many positive benefits that IV Chelation Therapy can provide. To find out how this cutting-edge and highly effective process can improve your health and well-being, contact a nearby IV Chelation Therapy Specialists in Miami Florida today.

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